Frances Ren Huang MD

As a Chinese medicine doctor, a yoga practitioner, and a food wellness director, Frances Ren has a holistic approach in the recovery of newborn mothers. Each to-due mothers will go through a medical history, nutrition background, and family history. From there, we will come up with an effective recovery plan in your postpartum. 

Frances Ren completed her 8 year studies in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, working in various public hospitals before becoming a licensed doctor and acupuncturist in China. She started her own practice in Buenos Aires and successfully treated infertilies, recurrent miscarriages, depression, general pains and aches, and indigestive issues. It was during that time she incorproates a custom holistic plan for each individual patients in additional to the general knowledge of modern medicine. 

Her passion for holisitc awareness has embarked her on a journey to become a yoga practitioner inspired by her mentors: Mimi Kuo Deemer, Robyn Wexler, Max Strom, and Donna Farhi. She is a certified Kripalu and Vinyasa teacher, and has been teaching for 10 years. She has taught in Yoga Yard Beijing, Buena Onda Yoga Buenos Aires, and Como Shambhala Singapore. 


"The idea of offering Postpartum care to mothers was sprung from my journey of motherhood. During the time when I was about to give birth, my own mother was in surgery and I knew I had to take care of myself without her help. I created a holistic recovery plan for myself one month before, using the acquired knowledge I have learned, and the advise of my aunties, mothers and grandmothers. The birth of our daughter was strenious and long, and I was immensively grateful of the advanced planning to assist my recovery as my husband and I are taking care of our newborn around the clock. 

This has been a continuing inspiration for me to start these services when I meet mothers and we come to the conversation of our own journeys through recovery. Often enough we discuss the limited knowledge in this field and how important it is for women to be supported during such a life changing moment being a mother and a wife. " - Frances Ren Huang


Sacha Lee 

Director of Content and Public Relationship

I am a Food technology teacher with a passion for creating a support group for women alike to eat well and heal well after birth. 

Frances and I share a passion for food, health, pregnancy and babies.  We met through our love of food, where I was a cookery teacher at an expat family club where we both worked. I feel there is a huge emphasis on the Birth and the Baby and quite often the mother gets forgotten.  As a new mum, (both times)I felt I needed to be a super woman and do everything by myself but I’ve learned there’s no shame in getting help or admitting how difficult being a mum can be. 

Before coming to Singapore to start my family, I worked for seven years in British secondary schools as a Food technology teacher.  Food and nutrition classes are compulsory in UK schools due to increasing rates of obesity.  In a previous life I also taught English in Taiwan, Oman and Portugal.


"This is my story. When I was pregnant for the first time, everyone kept saying, ‘oh it’s life changing,’ and I unknowingly agreed. But the problem was I don’t think anything life changing had ever happened to me. So when I brought my daughter home and welcomed her to the world, I suddenly realised my life had changed forever.  It’s not just a cliché.  I immediately forgot myself and 100% concentrated on someone else.  

I was overwhelmed, tired, in shock and looking back, experiencing the baby blues. Both my two children were born in Singapore.  My first born, my daughter, was born a month arriving in Singapore from the UK.  I felt isolated and lonely.  I didn’t have a ‘tribe’ or ‘village’ helping me.  My mum came for a couple of weeks and then left.  I remember feeding my baby, while I watched my husband walk out the front door to go work after a week or so at home.  I end up not eating at all for one day, and decided to order confinement food. The food was decent but it wasn't exactly catered to what I wanted sometimes. 

Coming from a half Chinese British background and two years of teaching in Taiwan, I was familiar with the Chinese idea of confinement.  Food connection with the power of healing has always been of interest to me.

For my second pregnancy I knew I wanted to eat confinement style foods to help with healing and breast milk supply.  I was addicted to papaya fish soup and chicken congee.  I wanted to heal properly this time, as suddenly not just a baby was dependent on me, but a toddler as well.  Despite my big urge to get up and go immediately after giving birth, (I suffered from pubic disfunction during both pregnancies), I knew my body needed to go slow as it would benefit from it in the long term. And because of this I found Frances and loved this blossoming concept of aiding moms during pregnancy towards their fourth trimester."