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Birth is a tough process. But with the right mindset and planning you can make the recovery smooth and successful. Lets take a look at some of the common issues and how we can address them.

Postpartum symptoms are most commonly associated with postpartum blues, depression, anxiety etc. In this post other than the obvious symptom, we should also address other symptoms that comes with giving birth that a good percentage of mothers have experienced. It is important to remember that you are not alone in this, and if you asked around, mothers will share their own experience with you.

Postpartum Depression

  • postpartum depression is far more common than we think. How can we minimize this possibility? It is important for new mothers to acknowledge it and be prepared for it with supplements, family support, midwife support before and after giving birth. Dr. Ruta Nonacs of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School quotes, “Postpartum depression is far more common than gestational diabetes. “

Persistent back pain and/or pelvic pain

  • this happens to a good group of women including myself, and it has to do with the imbalanced weight pull of holding our baby for many months, the hormonal changes that occur in our ligaments, and the over exhaustion and positioning of being a breastfeeding new mother.
  • This healing process is gradual. It is important to be aware of what positions are hurting and constantly adjusting into a comfortable supported position.
  • When you are ready, start moving into soft gentle movement exercises that takes time in stretching and toning your muscles.
  • I would strongly suggest to go for a few private sessions with post-natal pilates or yoga practitioners that provide you with tools that realigns your musculoskeletal system especially if you aren’t sure how to start.

Urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse

  • yes, yes yes. This is the #1 symptom that can have a devastating effect on a woman’s quality of life. The contributions to this can be endless, from our hormones, uterus pressing onto the bladder, the assisted vaginal birth, pelvic floor weakness, to family history of incontinence etc.
  • Core restoration and pelvic exercises are the two top priorities after birth and it is strongly suggested to go through these internal toning exercises with your midwife or a yoga practitioner to make sure you are doing it right.
  • Other alternatives that are equally important during this postpartum time are getting back to your good weight, and taking Chinese supplements under the guidance of your Chinese practitioner to aid the healing of your kidney and bladder.
  • Another important factor is to not drive yourself into vigorous exercises if you aren’t 100% healed because it will continue to press down onto your pelvic injuries.

Vaginal tears and hemorrhoid

  • it is a very uncomfortable feeling that lingers painfully and uncomfortably from weeks to months. The good news is that it will go away.
  • Suggestions will be to wear disposable loose underwear for the first few painful weeks, keep it clean down there, and go for your checkups.
  • Drink lots of water, soup, and eat enough fiber to prevent additional strain in your bowel movements.

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Ok ladies. You’ve just given birth, you have a little one perhaps constantly asking for some milk, and you need to ensure you are healthy and strong. Where to start?

This dish is simple to whip up (your man can even get in the kitchen and make this one), full of nutritional goodness, and dare I say is super yummy! I recommend mixing this in with your typical confinement food if you are following that practice perhaps once or twice a week. As with anything, you don’t want to overdo it. This dish is high in fiber and healthy fats and promotes growth in your baby’s brain. What’s not to like?

Want some added protein? Add an egg for good measure and remember you can always substitute walnuts with ground flaxseeds, feta, or even goat cheese. Want more iron? Add some cooked spinach and voila – you’re good to go.

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Oils | Restoring Hair and Skin| Postpartum Recovery


Hair: Restoring and Promoting Growth 


  • try your best to not wash your hair daily
  • put 1-2 drops of castor oil with 1 tbsp of almond oil in palm
  • massage into scalp and comb it through, leave it in during the daytime and wash it off at night
  • after drying your hair with the towel,  put a pea size amount of coconut oil in your hair ends and comb through
  • style as usual

Skin: Healing, Lubricating and Moisturising 


  • for the skin to heal it is recommended to do it at night, so your skin can rest without any UV contact
  • place the coconut jar in a heat resistance jar, and place it in a hot water bowl while you shower to warm up the oil
  • after drying off, generously rub and coat the oil onto the driest part of your body
  • if you are healing from a scar or stretch mark, put a drop of castor oil into the coconut oil before applying
  • moisture with your other regime as usual

Did you know? 

  • a dab of castor oil on your eyelashes or eyebrows protects your follicles and promotes growth

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Lisa Kenner Family | Newborn Photography | Singapore Photography

lisa kenner-1-2

lisa kenner-3-2

lisa kenner-5-2


lisa kenner-6


It was great taking the Kenner family. The newborn was very easy so we got the christmas photo we need for their coming up christmas postcard! Congratulations!

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Kerry + Ed Family | Singapore Family Photographer







There’s something magical and special about bubbles. I can’t quite put my finger on it – but when I see kids blowing bubbles it seems to bring out the kid in me – and a great big smile.

How excited was I when Kerry mentioned “Oh I brought some bubbles for the girls…” Sometimes as photographers we are so lucky and this was definitely one of those times.

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