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Chinese Medicine in Raw Food Diet

Healing through food

We’ve probably all heard bits and pieces of eating healthy; the undeniable truth of reducing cholesterol and losing weight by eating steamed or raw food while consuming little or no oil. Yes, these facts are true – to an extent. Since young, our body’s constitution is shaped by our lifestyle, and as our day gets busier, tension,  unconscious eating builds up, and of course, all eventually leading to a series of uncomfortable symptoms.

So how is it that we can prepare our food in the most balanced and delicious way to prevent oncoming health issues?

In TCM, all spectrum of preparation has a healing component. Food ingredients, as well as the preparation of the food, are categorized from most cool to most warm.

The Affects of Preparation

  • raw: detoxifying and dousing heat
  • raw-dried or steamed: cooling and cleansing
  • stir-fried or baked: soothe and balance
  • dry-roasted, fried, stewed or braised: fuel, nurture and warms
  • broiled or grilled: activates heat, builds heat

Rules of Thumb

  1. Most of your daily intake throughout the year should be between raw-dried/steamed and stir-fried/baked.
  2. Some of your daily intake should include raw food: fresh salads, veggies, and fruits. This helps with cooling down, cleansing of our busy every-day life. *Note: Increase this diet during hot summers, fluctuating weight gain, over-fatigue, generally high temperature or nervous tension.
  3. 1~2 times a week allow indulgence in grilled and fried. May increase this diet when fall and winter comes as well as the need to gain weight.
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