Welcome to Frances Ren Postpartum Care Consultant

From consulting a birth recovery plan or having us directly coming to your door to set up everything for you, Frances Ren provides you various services so the focus for you is to recover, heal and enjoy your newborn.

I am overwhelmed physically and emotionally. What should I do? We all have been there! Remember this is also your critical healing time frame to soothe out your hormones so try to get as much shut-eye as possible and don't afraid to ask for help from us or your loved ones.
What should I eat to recover? The food you eat can be the most powerful medicine for you to recover, and this will be the foundation of nutrition for your newborn if you choose to breastfeed.
When can I start moving? Rest, healing, and pelvic floor exercises will be the priority for the first 15 days. After everything checks out fine with your doctor, we are happy to offer one-to-one movement sessions for toning, stability and heightening your awareness to your new body.
Which supplements do I need during this process? Your supplements could be taken from delicious Chinese herbal bone broths, herbal teas, or a pill form. It depends on your medical history, your wellbeing after your postnatal checkup, and your commitment level.
“The fourth trimester is a stage where a mother is healing and a newborn is adjusting to the life outside the womb. Stay home, rest and be pampered.”
I heard your service includes a photo session? Yes! Depending on what package you pick, a photo session with your newborn is the natural process that goes along with the postpartum care services we offer.
Should my family members be aware of my postpartum care plan? Yes, this is very important. Either you could inform them or we could sit down all together and make sure everyone has their roles in making sure the mother and the newborn is well taken care of within this time frame.
Is it safe to get a massage? Asian women over the centuries has been receiving massages to circulate the lymphatic system promoting faster recovery. Some cultures even holds the tradition of waist binding for pelvic stability. We would recommend this service 5 days after natural birth, and 10 days after your c-section.